We endeavor to offer you the highest quality in the field of All-in-One Services. Thanks to more than 20 years experience in the industrial sector, we are in the position to enlighten your burden. In the logistics department we deal with the organization and monitoring of processes regarding goods and passenger transportation.

Here is a selection of our range of services in the Logistic sector:

Move & Transport

We are qualified to undertake removals in a wide variety of dimensions, whether it be relocation of small businesses or site relocation of a company. We carry out your move with our expert and experienced team with high efficiency and without frictional losses. We handle your property very carefully and carry out your move with the utmost care and consideration.

Using our effective administration system, we can deal with your inter-factory transportation meeting your deadlines. Direct deliveries are just as much a part of our range of services as procurement logistics operations and transports with fixed delivery dates.

Passanger transport & driving services

We are your reliable partner in the field of passenger transport, among others. Our specialist field is the driving service for management department. Irrespective  whether it is a transfer during the course of a Supervisory Board meeting, single trips or transfers to the airport, our specially trained staff with perfect good conduct certificates, are pleased to do this for you. We ensure you a pleasurable journey in our well-kept and air-conditioned vehicles. We affirm our excellent service with our very friendly and multilingual drivers. Small consignments and courier trips are a  matter of course.

Postal service

Our postal service will provide you with important time savings from the very first day. Amongst other things, we offer you a post box service, post collection, franking service, bank runs and courier service. We can guarantee you compliance with  shipment and delivery deadlines.

Waste management

You can influence your internal operational costs with effective strategic disposal management. Due to new legislation, companies are challenged more than ever. Starting with the producer up to the disposal companies, we can offer you innovative solutions for an economical and smooth disposal process.

We focus all our attention on your resources and develop comprehensive and industry-specific disposal concepts. We work in a close network together with other service providers in order to represent and cover all aspects of waste disposal and to be able to offer you an all-in-one service package.

Vehicle fleet service

You can expect services individually created by us for your fleet. We will relieve you completely of the strain of managing your vehicle fleet and minimize your financial risks. Furthermore, we analyze and optimize your processes with you. Our range of services includes:
  • Cleaning, if necessary, vehicle preparation and finishing
  • Winter service
  • Checking and refilling of liquids ( such as oil, windscreen washer fluid etc.)
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Checks related to drivers' logbooks and documentation of irregularities
  • Alleviation of Fleet Manager's workload (Checking driving licenses etc.)
As soon as you have engaged us, we undertake to identify potential for rationalization and savings for you. Among other things, we will optimize your     warehouse logistics including requisition notifications, orders and goods storage.      Transparent performance definitions and continuous collection of data lead to      cost-center related invoicing which is meticulously exact. 
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