Industrial Services

Industrial Services

We offer complete solutions in the fields of Facility Management and Industrial Services so that you have enough time for your core business. As a customer-oriented and reliable partner, we provide professional support to relieve you in specific assignments and you can improve your competitiveness. When you choose Kazemi, you are not just buying a proposed service, but are getting an holistic  approach which ensures smooth production processes.

Here is a selection of our range of services in the Industrial Services sector:

Supply Chain Services

We gladly support you with the planning, management and monitoring of your value-added structures. Internal transport / Production Supplies / Residual Material Management / Loading Equipment  Management / Warehouse Inventory Management and Dispatch / Pre-assembly and Component Processing / Quality Controls and Packing.


By excellent service from our qualified technicians and engineers, we ensure you a smooth and sustainable maintenance process. Prevention rather than intervention! We develop individual economic solutions for you suitable for your specific  requirements.

Maintenance & testing

We carry out maintenance procedures on the basis of manufacturer's specifications, standards and guidelines. Our maintenance procedures include everything which is necessary for the long-term conservation and maintenance of your plant and machinery. Regular inspections are absolutely essential to ensure operational reliability and availability. Our experts will be pleased to handle this work for you and will document everything professionally and on time.


Improper use of coolants and lubricants leads to the unplanned downtime of your machines. We oversee your liquid process media and provide your plants and  machines with chemical and oil-based products. We record your fluid and machine conditions and determine control steps. Legal instructions such as the Technical Regulations for Hazardous Materials (TRGS 611) are the basis for our work. Our staff are optimally trained and have profound specialist knowledge.

Industrial assembly 

We are able to offer a wide range of services in the field of industrial assembly. Our main focal point lies in the final assembly of work pieces. We can independently plan and implement both short and long-term projects in all areas of industrial assembly. Profound technical expertise enables us to guarantee the timely and successful implementation of your projects.


The reliable, on schedule and professional execution of welding work is part of our range of services. Our employees are regularly trained and informed of the latest changes and innovations. We work with state-of-the-art welding processes and  techniques.

Waste management

You can influence your internal operating costs by strategic waste management. Due to new legislation, companies are challenged more than ever before. Starting from the producer to the disposal company, we can offer you innovative solutions for an economical and smooth disposal process.

We focus on your resources and develop comprehensive and industry-specific  disposal concepts. We work in a close network together with other service providers in order to represent and cover all aspects of waste disposal and to be able to offer you an all-on-one service package.

Industrial cleaning

The cleaning of the machines and systems is an essential part of maintenance work. Customized to your individual needs, we provide you with suitable cleaning concepts. We assume complete responsibility for this work and assure you of high quality cleaning while maintaining optimal cost structures.

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