Cleaning Management

Cleaning Management

Wellness for buildings – well-kept furnishings, hygienic surfaces and an appealing overall impression are the prerequisites for a pleasant working atmosphere. We   provide the basis for this and ensure cleanliness and well-being in the most varied of industrial sectors.

We have come to know and understand the most widely varying processes. Sensitive areas such as hospitals, health care centers and nursing homes have special demands regarding cleaning standards. We have developed processes and solutions in cooperation with our qualified and trained staff in order to meet the stringent hygiene requirements. In this way, specific counteraction can be taken against acute hazards caused by viruses and bacteria. 

Here is a selection of our services for our Cleaning Management product range:

Building cleaning

With ever more sophisticated architectural features, it is becoming increasingly more a management task to find possible potential savings in the building management sector. We will do this for you by conducting regular analyses and implementing   logical concepts. Whether you have daily maintenance cleaning or at intervals - you will always be on the safe side with our concepts based on the individual needs and requirements of your company.

Glas and windows cleaning

Dust, soot, greasy dirt and constant environmental pollution affect facades and    glazing and provide for an optical loss of value of your property. A clean and attractive appearance of your property are often the first indicator of professionalism and reliability.  We clean both external and internal glass surfaces, entire facades as well as neon signs, lighting systems and industrial glazing.

Machine cleaning

As part of a maintenance management program, professional and meticulous cleaning of the machines, systems and equipment is essential. We clean your machines using the best possible dry, moist and wet cleaning methods. We rid your systems of contaminants, production residue and foreign oils. Furthermore, we are happy to support you with the maintenance work. In addition, we undertake the maintenance, care and cleaning of printing equipment. Please take a look in the   Industrial Services Business section.  

Hall floor cleaning

Rarely is a building area so extremely roughly handled as the hall floors. At the same time no other area has such high demands  in terms of weight carrying capacity, its visual appearance and its resistance to dirt. We combine the best possible cleaning results, both economical and environmentally friendly, with the highest standard of hygienic cleanliness. When considering the economical aspects, we ensure the service life of the floor is extended considerably by using the correct care products,   impregnation and sealing materials.

Construction - building cleaning

Be it renovations, extensions or new constructions - building waste is inevitable. We make your buildings ready for your use. No matter whether a newly built residential house, office buildings or roadways, we can make you a suitable offer.
The value of your vehicle can be enhanced by vehicle preparation and valeting.

Car preparation

Car preparation is essential particularly when returning your car in the course of a leasing contract.  Our skilled employees use different cleaning agents and care  products for the various components of the vehicle. A pick-up and return service is as equally self-evident as the impeccable certificate of good conduct of our employees.  

Special cleaning

Extensive special cleaning services include cleaning after water damage, fire damage and oil spills, and cleaning of lift facilities, awnings, blinds, fitted carpets, escalators and shutters, amongst other things. We also deal with the cleaning work which goes beyond the normal daily cleaning tasks (eg. intensive cleaning, graffiti removal) with utmost professionalism and punctuality.

We create a suitable concept, in accordance with a detailed service description based on your requirements and specifications. This includes work schedules, material planning, cleaning and training schedules for the staff. Our experienced specialists select the correct method for each material in order to ensure cleaning or impregnation is environmentally friendly and economical. For the sake of our environment and health, we only use tried and tested cleaning products from renowned brand manufacturers. 
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